Mil Grade Cable & Wiring Harness

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Wiring Harness Cable LoomA wire harness, also referred to as cable harnesses, wiring harness, or wiring loom, constitutes a network of electrical wires or cables meticulously connected and organized to facilitate the transmission of electrical energy or both electrical and informational signals among various components within an electrical system. The design and manufacture of wire harnesses are conducted with utmost care to ensure the secure and reliable transmission of energy and signals, thereby minimizing the potential risks of interference and system failure. The effective protection and insulation of the wiring loom play a pivotal role in guaranteeing the safe operation of electrical devices and systems.

The wiring harness (cable looms) can be characterized as a sophisticated network of connections, comprising of  wires, cables, MIL-Grade connectors, terminals, and other electrical components that enable the seamless transmission of electric current or information signals. These diverse elements are integrated during the wiring harness design phase, taking into consideration the specific working conditions and intended applications to ensure optimal performance.

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Mirage 2000 SDR Integration

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Mi17 v5 - ATGM Harness

Harness Manufacturing Process

The wire harness manufacturing process can be simple to complex, depending on the design. The following are a few common steps involved in producing cable & wire harness for interconnection of LRU’s on aircraft or use in military aviation.

The manufacturing process of  a cable & wire harnesses always begins with an appropriate design which is based upon the EICD. Since the cable is used for transmission of data (signals) and power, the designs phase is one of the challenging aspects of the wire harness manufacturing process. In this stage, the design engineers also need to address the performance issues the wire harnesses may encounter during the regular operation. In addition to this, they also need to fix components, as well as decide on components, materials, and other aspects.

To check the performance of wire harness and how it will work in a real-time environment, the design is translated as a prototype to validate the performance, check for accuracy in routing and eliminate any issues during the testing period to ensure that when the final set of looms are manufactured, there are not gaps in the performance.

Production and Assembly:
The wire harness manufacturing process is largely manual, unlike other electronic manufacturing processes. BHSPL follows IPC 620 standard for making wiring harness to be used in military aviation. These assemblies often work as components for large parts. It is because wire harnesses require a high level of customization. Manual assembly helps resolve electric and geometric issues associated with the manufacturing of certain complex products. The following are a few important steps involved in the wire harness manufacturing process:

Wire Cutting:
In this step, the wires are cut to the required length using a wire-cutting machine.

Stripping and Connections:
In this step, the wires are stripped to attach connector modules, housings, or terminals.

In this step, the wires are harnessed using an assembly board.

Safety testing is an essential aspect of any electronics manufacturing project. In this phase, the wire harnesses are tested rigorously to check their utility and sustenance in real environments. BHSPL carries out SOFT and QT for the wiring harnesses and get them approved by the regulators based on the qualification reports.

If you are looking for custom wire harnesses for your application, it is important to partner with trusted manufacturing services such as BHSPL. We provides wire harnesses in custom specifications to meet your application requirements.

We understand the critical role that cables and wire harnesses play in the complex and dynamic environments of military applications. Our team of seasoned experts brings a wealth of experience to the table, meticulously designing and crafting solutions that surpass industry benchmarks. From concept to production, we prioritize precision engineering, adhering to stringent military specifications and standards.

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