Military Aviation Products

Proven Expertise in Manufacturing Military Aviation Products Mechanical and Avionics Airworthy components

Blue Hat Solutions is an Indian aerospace company with proven expertise as a manufacturer of critical airworthy components required in military aviation. Blue Hat Solutions has pioneered and Indigenized Dual Hook Ejector Rack Unit (BH-ERU) in collaboration with R&D Engineers (DRDO) and supplied BH-ERU for suitable platforms.

BHSPL with structured and multi-disciplinary engineering team produces mechanical adapters for roll equipment such as adapter beams, suspension lugs. On the avionics front BHSPL has produced BD-04 Pylon tester, Pylon Control Unit (PCU) and is currently designing aero-mech and avionics interface for India’s first BHARAT- Air To Air Launcher (BH-AAL).

Blue Hat Solutions is the first private company in India offering a unique range of Engineering Services to cater the needs of military aviation customers around the globe. BHSPL Strength revolves around a pool of experts in military aviation who are knowledgeable, professional and highly experienced along with a motivated team which has the capability to produce a full suite (conceptualize, design and plan, produce and install, maintain, repair and certify) of fighter, helicopter and cargo aircraft modifications (avionics and mechanical structures).

We take pride in meeting tight schedules and optimal and cost-effective implementation along with certification and meet our customers Modifications and integration projects according within the guidelines of MIL-Standards and for India CEMILAC / RCMA regulations.

With our knowledge, experience and understanding of MIL Standards required for Aircraft Design and Engineering capabilities, we are well skilled to solve complex aircraft modification and certification challenges for aircraft integration projects. Based upon our extensive experience and using our structured and multi-disciplinary systems engineering approach, our Mechanical and Avionics Engineering Team provides cost effective, innovative and airworthy   integration solutions to achieve the objectives of our customers at optimal cost and with compliance to all regulatory aspects mandated by end users and certification agencies.

BHSPL currently produces following airworthy products:

  • Suspension Lugs – Mk 81, Mk 82, Mk 84, Modified Suspension Lug (MSL)
  • Indigenized Air to Ground Launcher with Ejector Rack Unit (BH-ERU)
  • Nose Cone Adapter kits
  • Mechanical Interface Adapters 
  • Wiring Harness & Looms 
  • Logical control unit 
  • Pylon Control Unit (PCU) for BH-ERU
  • BD-04 Pylon Tester
  • India’s first indigenized  Air to Air Launcher (BH-AAL) currently in design phase. 

BHSPL engineering team is always looking for next challenge to solve complex issues in simplistic cost-effective manner and in-house rapid prototyping capabilities give us an edge to prove the concept and deliver it to market in short time.

Suspension Lugs

Suspension Lug Mk82 - MS3314 1000 Lbs
BH-ERU Ejector Rack Unit Dual Hook

Indeginized Rack Unit - BH-ERU

Military aviation products are specialized aircraft and associated equipment that are designed and built specifically for military purposes. These products are designed to meet the unique requirements of military operations, which often involve complex and dangerous missions.

There are several key features that make military aviation products special:

  1. Advanced technology: Military aviation products often incorporate the latest technology and innovation to ensure they are the most advanced and capable aircraft in the world. This includes advanced avionics systems, stealth technology, and advanced weapons systems.

  2. High performance: Military aviation products are designed to be high-performance aircraft that can fly at high altitudes, at high speeds, and for long distances. This allows them to carry out a range of missions, from reconnaissance and surveillance to combat and air support.

  3. Durability: Military aviation products are built to withstand harsh environments and extreme conditions, such as combat zones and high-altitude environments. They are designed to be reliable and durable, even in the face of damage or malfunction.

  4. Specialized features: Military aviation products often have specialized features that are tailored to specific military missions. This includes things like aerial refueling capabilities, advanced radar systems, and specialized weapons systems.

Overall, military aviation products are special because they are designed to meet the unique needs of the military, with a focus on advanced technology, high performance, durability, and specialized features.

We successfully meet all customer requirements. In terms of cost, lead time & high-quality products & services.