About Us

Blue Hat Solutions Private Limited (BHSPL) was established in 2012 and started its operations in Bangalore, Karnataka India. From a 150 sq feet office in 2012, today BHSPL has grown to occupy 87120 sq feet factory in Peenya, Bangalore.

Origin of Name: The name of the company is inspired by the book titled Six Thinking Hats.  written by Dr. Edward de Bono.

“Six Thinking Hats” and the associated idea of parallel thinking provides a means for groups to plan thinking processes in a detailed and cohesive way, and in doing so to think together more effectively. Particularly the BLUE HAT is used to manage the thinking process. It’s the control mechanism that ensures the Six Thinking Hats guidelines are observed.

In any typical discussions initiated for a purpose to solve any issue, the participants involve all the thinking modes mixed together. The primary assumption is that through arguments, debates, brainstorming and joint exploration of ideas and facts, the best solution will survive and unwanted solutions will be discarded.

Mostly discussions and management meetings do bring results, often it is not the best idea, but the most vocal or supported idea that gets selected since the group participants severely limit their problem solving capabilities by mixing together facts, opinions, criticism and creativity. Organizations and participants do not achieve the best out of all the thinking modes and hence the potential clarity and solutions we could get if we applied a more structured approach is usually missed out in many scenarios.

Getting more out of our brains is the promise of the BLUE HAT, and BHSPL has been consistently adopting the philosophy in Military Aviation domain to provide the best solution amongst many possibilities to solve our customers problems.

Starting from a humble start with a handful of people, today BHSPL team is 200+ strong. 

Our employees are our greatest asset and the cornerstone of our business. Our core strength comes from the diverse background and experience of our staff in core military domain as well as from the industry. 

The current leadership team comprises of following

  1. Wg Cdr Pankaj Kumar (retd) has 20+ years of experience in flight safety and trials. A graduate from IAF’s elite team of ASTE, he served as Flight Test Engineer before joining BHSPL team. 
  2. Gp Capt M V Khare (retd) is Director for new business opportunities and strategic collaborations.
  3. Mr. Ramabadran K (AGM, HAL Design, retd) has been with BHSPL since inception and his understanding of various platforms and requirements of CEMILAC has guided BHSPL to newer heights. 
  4. Mr. Ashok Bhat is the key player to maintain BHSPL’s financial health and provides his services as the CFO for BHSPL

BHSPL team also has a capable team of consultants and full time employees working towards ushering in a new era for Military Aviation domain services for Indian and Foreign customers.



If you need consistent performance, innovative solutions to resolve your most complex challenges, talk to us and we promise to give wings to your ideas and make them fly to greater heights. 

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Our company is a dynamic and innovative organization dedicated to revolutionizing the Indian Defence Industry through cutting-edge solutions. With a strong focus on expertise and precision, we strive to deliver exceptional results that exceed expectations. We are committed to empowering individuals and businesses alike, providing them with the tools and resources they need to thrive in today’s rapidly evolving world. Through our forward-thinking approach and unwavering dedication, we are shaping the future and setting new standards of excellence. Join us on this exciting journey as we redefine what’s possible!!!!

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