BHSPL has collaboration with worlds leading provider for security systems, particularly for wide area surveillance for strategic installations and key zones. Use of these systems eliminate the need for installation of several CCTV’s and dependence on human alertness as the system is robust to operate 24×7 in all weather conditions and technology used enhances the human capabilities of detection, recognition and identification.

Wide Area SurveillanceThe system uses optronic devices for wide area surveillance, industrial thermography, and infrared test and measurement applications, with 3 product lines using:

  • Day & night 360-degree cameras, provide unprecedented situational awareness on land or at sea. Automatically detecting and tracking both conventional and asymmetrical threats, they secure wide perimeters in real-time,
  • Rotary kiln scanners and cameras for industrial thermography are used by maintenance staffs of hundreds of cement plants worldwide, for the thermal monitoring of kiln shells and burners,
  • Temperature measurements for low temperature black bodies, high temperature cavity black bodies, extended area black bodies, black bodies for vacuum applications and test benches (IR collimators, IRFPA integrated test benches.

Temperature measurement in real time for critical industrial installations and wide area surveillance use state of the art devices and backed with AI driven interface, the user is always aware of problem and take timely action, instead of getting surprises which may cost a lot if not detected on time.