Repair & Overhaul

Repair & OverhaulIf you want to enjoy the benefit of renewed life and enhanced performance for years to come for legacy components, we will be more than happy to assist you in determining the suitable replacement for obsolete parts in electrical (rheostats, light bulbs, electrical systems, wires & harness), mechanical – prototyping and contract manufacturing and all sub-systems.

A wide array of services exist to offer test bench for validation the performance to meet the form, fit and function of existing legacy products to be replaced with tested new products to renew the life of your equipment.

Finding a suitable replacement is the biggest nightmare for a maintenance personnel, the products manufactured in late 60’s could be still working well on some of the machines, but lo & behold, something goes wrong and they no longer work – How can you source such components, particularly when the stamping on the product gives very little indication about its source, or even if you know what it is, it is no longer manufactured and instead has been replaced by a dozen new variants, however you can use only the same size and space that is available when the component was first placed in your equipment. Well, this is where we use our expertise to provide you with FFF replacement which can ensure that not only does your equipment get repaired, it also gets a new lease of life with tested and quality products that you may not normally find in the market.

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