Aviation Grade Wire Cable loom & harnesses

Wiring Loom Cables HarnessBHSPL has a fully equipped facility for manufacturing of wiring / cable loom / harness manufacturing. Our loom manufacturing center along with team of dedicated and experienced staff is capable of offering customized end to end solution to meet varied application & requirements of our customers as well as meet the quality requirements by certification agencies.

BHSPL offers services such as design, build and installation to suit end customer specific drawings and requirements. Our facility has state of the art test equipment for validation of design and pre/post production checks.

Product Range:

  • Fabrication of discrete end to end Cables & Looms.
  • Design, develop & manufacture Multi-wire Harness.
  • Provide RF assemblies & harnesses.
  • Manufacture Power cables.
  • Military Airborne Loom assemblies.
  • Box builds & Lanyards.

Looms & Harness Quality Certification & Inspection Testing
Every Cable Harness manufactured by BHSPL is tested for following:

  • Dimensional attribute
  • Weight
  • Continuity
  • Megger/ High Pot
  • Pull test

Harnesses are checked for compliance to environmental requirements and Mil Std material is used for manufacturing them.

Our team is actively engaged with a global aerospace major and we formulated and implemented SDR integration scheme on Simulator Rigs of airborne platforms. Simulator rig was manufactured as per customer provided design.