Blue Hat Solutions Private Limited (BHSPL) operates as a vital link between leading global manufacturers or suppliers and customers in India. We help facilitate the safe and dependable delivery of turnkey projects, implementation and consulting services in several domains. We offer a wide range of professional services via our team of experts panel and looking for partnerships with global leaders who would like to establish a base in India and get support from local experts pertaining to regulations, policies and procedures to work with commercial or government agencies.

Among its many duties, BHSPL recruits experienced professionals with proven track record in civil and defense aviation, flight testing, communication, search and rescue and transportation field to offer services and consultancy, procures a broad selection of materials and supplies, provides engineering and other technical services, and support customers in Indian market.

Services offered by BHSPL currently cover the following segments:

  • Commercial and Defence aviation sector
  • Engineering Services (Design, Machining, Reverse Engineering)
  • Professional Services, Integration and Project Implementation
  • Facility Management & Business Center Services
  • Web Development, CRM development, On Demand Software solutions, App Development
  • Product Distributors (GPS, Spotter Scope, Binoculars, Crank Chargers)
  • Liaison services
  • Communications (RF) products and services
  • Military Grade Equipments, Solar Chargers etc