Modified Suspension Lug
Modified Suspension Lug

BHSPL has inhouse capability for design, development and manufacturing of Suspension Lugs. Our lugs are manufactured as per Mil Standards and stringent quality control ensures that they perform above expectations and requirements of aviation and defense sector.

BHSPL was awarded contract for production of modified suspension lugs for its program oriented at IAF and the lugs were manufactured in Bangalore in line with “Make In India“.

Apart from modified suspension lugs, BHSPL is capable of producing lugs of any dimension and for any class of store (1000 / 2000 or more).

Material Used: 4330V Steel as per AMS 6411 or as per the load requirements as per MIL-STD-8591 or user requirements.

Currently BHSPL is exporting Suspension Lugs for following class of lugs

  • Mk81
  • Mk82
  • Mk84

All the lugs are manufactured using Forging followed by profile machining and subsequently special processes for creating a world class item that is guaranteed for a service life of 20 years.