High Definition Video Recorder (HDVR)

High Definition is the new standard in the aerospace and security industries. BHSPL is proud to launch first of its kind in India, High Definition Video Recorder (HDVR) systems “Made In India” with collaboration with PLRIS. This DVR is a state-of-the-art video, audio and data recorder, along with data and file server. With no moving parts it offers a range of high definition aircraft video recorders with features and reliability that are second to none. High Definition Video Recorder (HDVR) systems is a compact rugged Digital Video and Data Recorder, as well as a Data Transfer System (DTS) and Network Storage Unit (NSU). The HDVR is designed for use as either a panel mount or “hot plate” mount unit, on Airborne or Ground Vehicles. Capable of recording critical mission video and data for long periods of time, the HDVR provides a very reliable source of video and data recording and transfer. When operating as a DTS the unit is controlled over either the Ethernet 10/100/1000 BT, RS-422 or Mil-Std-1553 channels.

The use of a rugged SSD and/or “disk-on-key” as the recording media provides a low power, light weight solution for applications requiring low-cost reliable data storage. This avionics recording device offers multiple channel input and output options allowing play back and recording of video footage. The flash memory capacity is easily upgradable to the options available in the market.

Debriefing recorded data is accomplished by either physically removing the SSD/Disk-on-Key from the recorder and inserting them into a PC based Debriefing Station, or by downloading the recorded data over the Ethernet channel. Debriefing software is provided using the Integrated Debriefing Environment (IDE).

The IDE software package provides synchronized video and data on the same PC screen. Alternatively, recorded video and data can be viewed on separate screen.


  • Records up to 4 High Definition (HD) video channels

  • Records up to 4 SD (Pal/NTSC) at standard frame rates

  • Records up to 2 RS-343 video inputs
  • Records up to 2 Audio inputs
  • One video and 2 audio outputs
  • Records up to 4 Mil-Std-1553 channels
  • Records Ethernet traffic with custom filters
  • NFS, FTP, Samba, etc. data server (Network Storage Unit – NSU).
  • Interfaces: DVI, Composite, S-video, RS-422/485, Ethernet and Mil-Std-1553.

  • Recording on rugged SSD and/or rugged Disk-On-Key

  • DTS (Data Transfer System) functionality on Mil-Std-1553(R/T), RS-422, Ethernet.
  • Light weight. Low power consumption. High reliability

  • Mil-Std-704A compatible, 28 VDC powered.



Video HD inputs:


Video SD input:

4 Channel HD 1080p30 or 2 channels 1080p60

4  Composite Video & 4 Audio. CVBS,PAL/NTSC, Full D1

Video Compression: H.264 High Profile
RS-422/485: 2 Receive + 2 Transmit channels, control and/or recording
Discrete: 4 inputs/2 outputs
Ethernet: 1000 BT channel