Recording Systems

BHSPL in collaboration with PLRIS has developed and started manufacturing in India Airborne Recording Systems for integration on variety of platforms and to be utilized in various applications.

Products available are:

Key Features for all recording systems:

  1. Multi Camera Recording ( 1 – 4 Y/C inputs, PAL / NTSC)
  2. Audio Recording
  3. Event Marking
  4. Record Data
  5. Disk On Key
  6. Debrief Station
  7. Mil Qualified
  8. RS 422 & 1553 B ready
  9. Customizable as per needs.

Recording systems are designed with high capacity (from Gigabytes to Terabytes), removable disk on key, suitable for audio and video recording and for setting up debriefing. Compatible to monitor 1553 B,and use RS 422 for communication. Get discreet inputs and also connect with ethernet for data recording systems.