MIL Grade Mechanical Products


Blue Hat Solutions Pvt Lit is ISO 9001/AS 9100 D certified and manufacturer of MIL-SPEC qualified Mechanical Products to serve the  military aerospace industry.
We take great pride in being a trusted provider of top-notch manufacturing and assembly solutions.

Based at the Peenya Industrial Area in Bangalore, KA, India, we have a 108900 square foot facility handling a multitude of aerospace manufacturing and aviation services including:

  • CNC machining and routing (3, and 4 axis)
  • Production of sub-assemblies

Our Products

Suspension Lug Mk82 - MS3314 1000 Lbs
Nose Cone Adapter
BH-ERU Ejector Rack Unit
Weapon Control Panel - WCP
COMPOD Adapter
SFW Modified Suspension Lug
PMFD Adapter
PMFD Adapter

Rapid Prototyping and Experimental Manufacturing of Mil Grade Mechanical Prodcuts

The Unit (01) is where our R&D / experimental machine shop caters to rapid prototyping and development requirements. This unit includes 4 3-axis 12-foot bed CNC mill, a 4-axis 6-foot bed CNC mill, and few 2-axis CNC lathe and CNC routers for working on Mil-Spec alloys. In addition we have in-house CMM (Carl Zeiss) for validation and QA, where our machining is inspected and substantiated. Additional capability includes:

  • Prototyping: BHSPL engineers work closely with Analysis and Design team to provide a rapid development cycle to build airworthy parts for trials and Proof of Concept requirements.
  • Rapid Fabrication: Equipped with right set of tools, knowledge and skills, our teams provides quick turn solutions that keep test programs in the air instead of on the ground waiting for parts.
  • Additive manufacturing: 3D printing using ABS, PLA, Nylon, Polycarbonate and flexible materials
  • Parts manufacturing: Small to large metallic parts manufacturing is carried out to make a complete assembly for R&D purpose.

Machines at Unit (01) include: 

  • BFW 
  • HAAS
  • Carl Zeiss
  • Faro Scanner

BHSPL Manufactures Mil Grade mechanical parts which are qualified as per stringent MIL-STD requirements as per applicable MIL Standard. Each component designed and produced by Blue Hat Solutions meets MIL standard requirements established by the U.S. DoD in order to meet their objective of standardization. All parts produced by BHSPL are validated against respective MIL-SPECs to comply with RCMA / CEMILAC Requirements for getting airworthiness certification.

These parts are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh environmental conditions, extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, and other demanding circumstances.

MIL-Grade mechanical parts manufactured by BHSPL are used in military applications for integration of new stores on existing platform, new LRU’s within the aircraft or to meet specific requirements for fulfilment of program objectives. All MIL-Grade parts manufactured by BHSPL undergo rigorous testing and certification processes to ensure their reliability, durability, and performance in critical situations.

Some common MIL-Grade mechanical parts manufactured by BHSPL over last few years include:

  • Suspension L ugs
  • Mechanical Adapters / Beams
  • Ejector Rack Unit
  • Cockpit Adapters – PMFD / CMFD
  • Mounting Trays 
  • Avionics Racks
  • Nose Cone Adapter
  • LRU housing 

It’s important to note that MIL-Grade parts are subject to strict quality control processes and adhere to various military specifications, such as those outlined in the MIL-STD (Military Standard) series. These standards ensure the parts’ performance, compatibility, and interoperability with other military systems.

Precision Manufacturing for Mil-Spec Excellence