Blue Hat Solutions Private Limited (BHSPL) helps organizations achieve results by focus on managing the entire process from start to finish. Inspired by Edward De Bono‘s 6 Thinking Hats, Blue Hat represents the facilitator which drives the business to identify the subject, manage the thinking process, establish goals and of course we go beyond just the process to accomplish the results once the goal has been identified in collaboration with organizations we service.

Blue Hat Solutions is a Private Limited firm registered in Bangalore, KA, India and we offer our services in following segments

  • Commercial and Defence aviation sector
  • Engineering Services (Design, Machining, Reverse Engineering)
  • Professional Services, Integration and Project Implementation
  • Product Distributors (GPS, Spotter Scope, Binoculars, Crank Chargers
  • Raw Materials (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous) – Distributors for Falcon Aerospace (US)
  • Liaison services
  • Communications (RF) products and services
  • Military Grade Equipment’s, Solar Chargers etc

Managed by professionals from various fields, the management team comprising of experts from defense and civil background has wide industry experience to guide and assist organizations to establish and accomplish their goals in collaboration with BHSPL.

New Service Offerings:

  1. In-house CFD and FEM data center (256 core HPC)
  2. Manufacturing of Mk82 & Mk84 Suspension Lugs
  3. Manufacturing Wiring Cable Looms & Harnesses as per user design
  4. CEMILAC & DGAQA certification services