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Aluminum Tubes & Pipes


Grade Temper Specification
1100 O, H14 WWT700/1, AMS4062
2024 O, T3, T8, HYD WWT700/3, AMS-QQA200/3, AMS4087, AMS4088
3003 O, H14 WWT700/2, AMS-QQA200/1, AMS4065, AMS4067
5052 O, H32, HYD WWT700/4, AMS4070, AMS4071
5086 O, H32, H34, H111 WWT700/5, AMS-QQA200/5
6061 O, T4, T6, HYD WWT700/6, AMS-QQA200/8, AMS4080, AMS4082, MS4083
7075 O, T6, T73 WWT700/7, AMS-QQA200/11, AMS4154, AMS41666

We have comprehensive selection of aircraft aluminum tubes and pipes in drawn and Aluminum Tubes & Pipes AMS-WWT700/1 AMS-WWT700/3 AMS-WWT700/4seamless tubing in 2024.3003,5052, 6061, 7075, and 5086. These tubes are available in round, square and rectangular shapes. Browse our large selection of aircraft aluminum tubes tube on our website get in touch with a Falcon Aerospace sales consultant for a personalized quote on aluminum aircraft tubing. Aluminum Hydraulic Tubing, Aluminum Extruded Tubing, Aluminum Drawn Seamless TubingĀ  meeting variety of specification such as , AMS WW-T-700/3, AMS 4088, AMS 4086, AMS QQA-200/3, AMS 4152, AMS WW-T-700/2, AMS 4065, AMS WW-T-700/4, AMS 4070, AMS 4071, AMS-T-7081, MIL-T-7081, AMS 4081, AMS 4082, AMS 4083, ABS5151, BAMS517-001, AMS QQ-A-200/8, AMS 4150, AMSĀ  WW-T-700/7 AMS QQA-200/11.

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