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Aluminum Extruded Shapes and Rolled Formed Sections

Extruded Aluminum AMS-QQA200/2 AMS-QQA200/3 AMS-QQA200/8 AMS-QQA200/9 AMS-QQA200/11

Blue Hat Solutions in collaboration with Falcon Aerospace supplies a vast selection of aircraft quality extrusions and roll formed sections in alloys such as 2024, 6061, 7075, and 7178. These products are available per AND, Bombardier, BAC, NTA and LN  and many other popular aircraft specification extrusions meeting AMS-QQA and variety of  specifications. Please review our selection of aircraft quality extrusions and roll form sections here or get in touch with a our sales consultant for a quotation on the aircraft quality titanium Tube.

Grade Specification
BAC 1501 Tube, Square and Rectangle
BAC 1503, BAC 1514 Angle, Miscellaneous, Extruded
BAC 1504 Angle, Bulb, Extruded
BAC 1505 Tee Extruded
BAC 1506 Tee, Miscellaneous, Extruded
BACK 1507 & BAC 1508 Pi Section, Misc., Extruded (Double Leg Tee)
BAC 1509 Channel, Extruded, Equal Leg
BAC 1510 Channel, Miscellaneous, Extruded, Unequal Leg
BAC 1511 Filler (Solid Bar), Radius, Two End, Extruded
BAC 1512 Filler, Radius, One End, Extruded
BAC 1513 Filler, Miscellaneous, Extruded
BAC 1517 Zee, Extruded
BAC 1518 “I” and “H” Extruded
BAC 1519 Forks and Fittings Extruded
AND 10133 Angle, Equal Leg, Extruded
AND 10134 Angle, Unequal Leg, Extruded
AND 10135 Angle, Bulb, Extruded
AND 10136 Tee, Extruded
AND 10137 Channel, Extruded
AND 10138 & AND 10139 Zee, Equal Leg, Extruded
AND 10140 “H” Beam Extruded
AND 10141 Tee, Bulb, Extruded

Aluminum extruded shapes are produced through aluminum extrusion, a process through which aluminum logs or billets are fed through the metal die of an extrusion press to produce specific shapes. Commonly produced shapes include angles, tubings, and channels. These aluminum extruded shapes can be found in computer parts, domestic appliances, automotive parts, and tubing. They can range in size from one-millimeter to parts that are several meters long. Aluminum extruded shapes can be customized to very close tolerances for numerous types of applications.

The metal die of an extrusion press functions as a mold used to produce the precise shape that is desired. There are two processes used to produce aluminum extruded shapes through an extrusion press. Direct extrusion refers to the process whereby a ram forces the aluminum log through the metal die. The metal die remains immobile during this process. The second process is indirect extrusion, whereby both the ram and the die place force on the aluminum to force the alloy to take a precise shape. The metal extrusion dies used to produce aluminum extruded shapes are designed to produce any number of shapes. The metal dies are either hollow or solid, and may contain openings that serve to soften the alloy.

Even though it is much lighter than other metals, aluminum is favored in producing extruded shapes. The process of aluminum extrusion results in very durable parts. But aluminum is particularly prized for its ability to resist corrosion, which is due to its natural oxide film. Aluminum is also very flexible. It can be easily bent or formed to specifications, and it can be joined through the use of soldering, welding, or brazing. Also, aluminum’s properties make it a good heat conductor and reflector, which is essential for products that provide heat transfer or heat shielding.